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Project Highlight - Carson City Downtown Revitalization

"Historical Elegance." That was the term coined to describe the theme of the impressive revitalization project that Carson City, NV brought to fruition. It was no easy feat for the city to condense a five-lane traffic corridor into a three-lane pedestrian environment, but we were glad to be just a small part of the undertaking by providing site furnishings. In today's blog, we will highlight this project further, giving recognition to Carson City and their design partners for a great revitalization success story.

Schenley benches on downtown Carson City streetscape

Taking Back Main Street

Carson City's Mayor, Bob Crowell, had a vision that "downtown needs to be a place to drive to, not drive through." What was historically a road for horse-drawn carriages evolved into...

Reducing Waste - It Takes All Sorts

As a manufacturer of litter receptacles and recycling containers, it only makes sense for us to stay on top of waste disposal trends and growing environmental concerns associated with increasing population and trash. While the details of waste management can be quite complex, in today’s blog post we will touch on some of the basics of trash sorting and zero waste initiatives.

Midtown receptacles with trash, recycling and compost signage

As one of the world’s top producers of trash, the United States has plenty of room for improvement when it comes to waste disposal. To combat the many harmful effects of the tons of trash...

Putting the Fun in Furniture

Today's blog is just for fun because, well, that's what we like to do - have fun! We all have to work, so why not have fun while doing it! As if designing, manufacturing, and selling benches and trash cans is not fun enough, we add in extra elements of excitement to the site furniture world through company celebrations, social events, team-building experiences and general office shenanigans.


We like to celebrate everything whether it's a personal milestone or a company-wide success. From cupcakes or donuts on birthdays to showers for weddings and babies, we are on it. Sometimes it's just a lunch out to congratulate employees on goals achieved. A recent success took a group of employees to a local mixed-use development for dining and entertainment. As highlighted in our McCandless Crossing blog, we were partial to the benches and bike racks that were on site and were glad to be a patron of one of our clients' well-branded properties.

Keystone Ridge Designs employees at McCandless Crossing

Site Furniture Placement Guidelines

When it comes to site furniture, product placement matters. We talk frequently about the design and aesthetics of our products, but it is also important to discuss installation and location. Today we offer some general guidelines to consider when determining where to install benches, litter receptacles and bike racks.

Pullman benches outside of a medical center


Site furnishings add the finishing touch to a site. For benches, consider the types of areas where that finishing touch is needed and the function that a bench could serve...

Project Highlight - City of Weston, FL

In the past, we showcased a custom two-color, Penn dual receptacle with a laser cut logo as one of our top 5 customizations. Because we are so fond of the final product and the client with whom we worked to bring it to life, we’d like to share the full story in a project highlight about the City of Weston, FL.

Penn dual litter and recycling receptacle outside Weston Florida City Community Center

Weston is a beautiful city located in southwestern Broward County, Florida. Initially conceived as a master-planned community, Weston’s well managed growth has given rise to one of South Florida’s most desirable communities recognized for its lifestyle, appearance and management style. With extensive landscaping, lush foliage and a meticulously maintained park system...

Focus On Photography

We have a special passion for photography here at Keystone Ridge Designs. It is a key element to telling our story of quality and showcasing onsite installations of our products nationwide. We enjoy working closely with our professional photographers and have learned so much from them on how to set up a shot.

Schenley Bench close up at the Del Ray marketplace, an outdoor retail shopping center

We often ask our clients to send us photos of their products after they are installed. We love seeing the finished project and it’s always helpful to have more photos to share throughout our marketing materials. For that reason, we consulted one of our staff photographers for tips and tricks for photographing site furniture and its surrounding landscape like a pro...

Thankful At Thanksgiving

At Keystone Ridge Designs, we have a lot to be thankful for this year. To celebrate, we want to call your attention to a few of the things (and people!) we are most thankful for in this special Thanksgiving-edition blog post.

Lamplighter Bench decorated for Thanksgiving

For starters, we are thankful for another successful year of sales and manufacturing. We appreciate the landscape architects who specify our products, the cities and towns that let us help revitalize their streetscapes, the shopping centers that trust us as a site furniture standard and everyone else who chooses us when needing to create a public space. We value these relationships and how they contribute to our continued growth...

How To Accessorize Your Landscape

We constantly find ourselves asking clients, “What style are you trying to achieve?” when helping them select a product series for their project. This is an important question, because, much like in the world of fashion, designing a public space requires careful attention to detail in order to create a cohesive finished product. Just as accessories add the finishing touch to an outfit, the right site furniture can reinforce your style and ensure consistency throughout your property, completing your look. This post is a guide to choosing site furniture according to four of the most common styles sought by our clients.

Tei site furniture series at a Zoo, including bench and litter receptacles


Historically-styled spaces are not only sentimental and inviting, they can also add to the overall appeal of your downtown or other location...

Why Powder Coat?

We often find ourselves discussing our Keyshield® finish with our clients. Our powder coat finish is something that we take great pride in, so we are happy to explain the powder coating process and why we think it is the best finish available for high-quality, durable metal site furnishings.

Detailed View of the Exeter Bench

What is Powder Coating?

According to the Powder Coating Institute, powder coating is a dry finishing process that has grown to represent over 15% of the total industrial finishings market...

Top 5 Unusual Customizations

As summer building projects are being completed, it’s always a great time to see the creative ideas of our clients and design team come to fruition. We love seeing the unique items coming off of the production line. Over the years, we have seen some particularly interesting creations that we thought we’d share in our Top 5 Unusual Customizations post.


For a popular ski resort out west, we began by providing bike racks and custom ski racks. So why not take it a step further with a towel rack for the pool area?

Custom Atlanta Towel Rack with towels

Site Furniture for Kids

With the school year coming to an end and children anxiously awaiting summers of parks, playgrounds and pools, we are turning our attention in this post towards the kids. When planning an outdoor space, it is important to consider your pint-sized patrons and how to best accommodate their site furniture needs and overall safety.

Thendara children's bench at a playground

The three main areas to consider for kid-friendly site furnishings are the required function, the children’s safety, and age-appropriate design...

Customization 101

We have touched on site furniture customization ideas in previous blog posts such as Retail Branding, Guide to Plaques, and Four Trends in Site Furniture. To take it a step further, we would like to offer a comprehensive guide to altering, personalizing and creating your own unique space with site furnishings in our Customization 101 post.

Laser cut Atlanta litter and Atlanta bench at Gannon University

Even though any one of our products can be customized, we will focus specifically on three main categories: benches, litter receptacles, and table sets...

Project Highlight - McCandless Crossing

With a steady stream of our site furnishings being shipped across the country to various projects, sometimes it is nice to just take a moment and recognize an outstanding development where we got to be involved. Today, we highlight McCandless Crossing in the Town of McCandless, Pennsylvania.

McConnell bench with laser cut logo at McCandless Crossing

Early on in the planning process, we met with AdVenture Development LLC to learn about their vision for a new shopping, dining and entertainment destination in the North Hills of Pittsburgh. We were able to see the initial design plans, make product recommendations for types and quantities and watch as the project came to life...

How to Save Money on Site Furniture

We stand proudly behind the notion that you get what you pay for, and when you pay for Keystone Ridge Designs American-made products you are getting superior quality and long-lasting durability that is worth every penny. That being said, we understand that everybody is also looking to save money wherever and whenever they can. So in light of our upcoming February promotion, today we offer tips for how to save money on site furniture.

Breakwater bench closeup

Christmas with Keystone Ridge Designs

From the company Christmas party, to inter-office gift exchanges, to constant sharing of cookies, cakes and other holiday delights, Christmastime is always a joy around the office here at Keystone Ridge Designs.

Keystone Ridge Designs' Christmas Party

One may wonder how you too can share the joy of Keystone Ridge Designs amongst family and friends. Well, wonder no more. Here is our Keystone Ridge Designs Holiday Gift List!

Retail Branding

With the holidays quickly approaching, ‘Tis the season for retail! We work with our mall and retail clients throughout the year to make sure they have everything they need on site before the Christmas rush.

Let’s consider the function of site furnishings in a retail or shopping center environment:

  • Benches allow shoppers to spend more time on site by offering places to take a break, relax and wait for others before going back into the stores.
  • Trash cans encourage proper litter disposal for a cleaner shopping experience.
  • Bike racks offer a place for local bicyclists to park outside the stores while shopping.
  • Ash receptacles keep smoking away from store entrances and confined to designated areas.
  • Table sets accommodate food court seating and other quick-dining solutions.
  • Recycling containers support trash sorting initiatives.
  • Planters add ambiance and greenery both inside and out.
Atlanta bench and Atlanta litter receptacle at an indoor mall

Beyond the basic function of retail furnishings, we often see our clients achieving a bigger picture through incorporating branding and logos...

Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is right around the corner so what better time to have a little fun and post about Creative Halloween Costumes in the site furnishings industry. Get your Site Furniture Costume Pinterest boards ready for these unique and oddly specific ideas.

Trash Can

With a little cardboard and some spray paint, you can get ready to pull off a good trick as a Keystone Ridge Designs litter receptacle. Make yourself a cardboard elevated lid hat (call for detailed instructions), hop into a trash can, wait for the right moment with an unknowing person passing by and then BOO! Trash can treachery!

Trash can treachery

The Benefits of Steel Site Furniture

Our manufacturing processes allow us the flexibility to customize and create products using all types of materials including steel, Ipe, aluminum, stainless steel and recycled plastic. We have followed design trends and perfected the process for all of these different materials, but we must admit that our true passion lies in steel.

Keystone Ridge Designs is located in a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA. Steel is a part of our region’s history and it is the roots of what has made our region so strong in manufacturing. Pittsburgh has long since surpassed its reputation as just a steel town, gaining nationwide recognition in robotics, technology, creative arts and countless other industries, but the ethics of hard work, quality, innovation and American manufacturing continue on. And steel remains a part of it.

Exeter Bench at the Carnegie Science Center

It is not just our regions’ past that drives our affinity for steel, or even our love of the Pittsburgh Steelers...

A Campus Standard - Why It's Important

With back to school on the minds of parents, teachers and kids alike, we turn our thoughts towards our clients in the education industry. We often hear the term “campus standard” and no matter who your site furniture of choice is, determining a site furniture campus standard can go a long way to creating a cohesive campus plan.

Bench and Litter on PSU campus

The importance and usefulness of site furniture at a school is clear.

  • Litter receptacles keep trash in its place and help to maintain a clean campus.
  • Bike racks encourage alternative transportation and define bicycle parking areas.
  • Table sets and benches create public spaces for students to relax, meet and gather...

Guide to Plaques

We get a lot of questions about incorporating plaques into site furnishings. Whether you are looking to memorialize, pay tribute, offer donor recognition or provide wayfinding, here is our Guide to Plaques.

Pullman bench with plaque

Step 1: Consider the Product

Our most common plaque application is on a bench, but we also do customized plaques on many different products. The product that you pick will help to determine the best size for your plaque.

  • Bench – A standard bench plaque is 10”x5”. It’s installed in the center and inset into the back with a plaque tray. Custom larger sizes have included 10”x10”, 14”x8” and many more.
  • Litter Receptacle – Standard size is 7”x3”. A good option for a smaller message. Another idea is to curve a plaque in a band around the receptacle...

Four Trends in Site Furniture

Our sales team members are the eyes and ears of what is happening in the site furniture industry. It is within their day-to-day conversations that we learn about current projects, upcoming needs and design preferences. From timeless standards to new modern favorites, our inaugural blog post will cover what we see as a few current trends in site furniture selection today.

Timeless Classics

When it comes to our downtown and main street clients, we find that classic, timeless design is here to stay. Historic Victorian architecture remains present in many small town streets across the country. Many look to revitalize and restore their main street as a hub of activity. This influences the selection of street lamps, storefront design and ultimately the streetscape furnishings. The Keystone Ridge Designs Lamplighter and Reading benches are frequently purchased examples that offer both nostalgic design with timeless appeal.

Lamplighter bench with back

Branding Is Big

Personalization is everywhere. Consumers today want to see products custom-made...