New Products

New and innovative site furnishings from Keystone Ridge Designs are always coming off the line. Check back frequently throughout the year to stay updated on our classic and contemporary benches, litter receptacles, table and chair sets, recycling containers, bollards, and more.

Creekview Bench With Back

Creekview Bench with Back

Taking a linear approach to body ergonomics, the Creekview Bench with Back offers comfortable seating with subtle angles to add character. The aluminum slats with wood-grain finish enhance the visual interest while providing superior durability.

Creekview Bench picture

Creekview Counter

Creekview Counter

Make an effective and creative use of space with the Creekview Counter. Designed at a standing height with a convenient foot rest, this innovative table creates a flexible and space-saving solution for today’s changing landscape.

Creekview Counter picture

Carson Litter Receptacle

Carson Litter Receptacle

The Carson Litter Receptacle offers a streamlined solution for trash sorting. A weather-protectant lid, hinge door and instructional signage increase the functionality for efficient waste collection.

Set of three Carson Litter Receptacles

Harmony Litter Receptacle With Door

Harmony Litter Receptacle with Door

The classic and popular design of the Harmony litter receptacle is now available with an easy-access door for convenient trash removal.

Harmony Litter Receptacle with Door detail photo

Loma Chaise Lounge

Loma Chaise Lounge

As public spaces evolve, so do the furnishings. The Loma Chaise Lounge expands place-making possibilities and encourages new forms of outdoor interactions by offering an inviting alternative to traditional seating. Turn any outdoor space into a relaxing environment with the graceful design and comfortable contours of the Loma. An extension underneath provides visual interest as well as a storage solution for cushions or pillows. Whether for poolside resorts, patios, parks, colleges or corporate campuses, the Loma Chaise brings beauty and durable, commercial-grade function to lounging around.

Loma Chaise Lounge poolside