Cast Bronze Plaques

Include a custom cast bronze plaque to personalize your Keystone Ridge Designs site furnishings with names, images, and logos. Encourage fundraising and community involvement by offering sponsorships, memorials and dedications. Choose from standard sizes or create a custom concept to showcase your message or commemorate an individual. Read more about plaques in our blog post, Guide to Plaques.

Plaque on black Pullman bench Commemorative plaque on a post

Circular plaque on bollard with loops Plaque wrapped on litter receptacle

Plaque closeup on bench back ImageCast plaque on bench back

Bronze plaque with text and rose image on bench back Sample plaque on a stand

Memorial plaque with portrait photo Memorial bronze plaque with image

Cast Aluminum and Colored Plaque Options

For a unique and modern flare, consider the shine of a cast aluminum plaque or choose from a variety of vivid, custom background colors.

Conservatory bench with custom circular yellow plaque Alumicolor plaque on Sonance bike rack

Red Firefighter commemorative plaque Blue Colorado Metals logo plaque

Black personal commemorative plaque Maroon personal commemorative plaque